Monday, October 25, 2010

Humanities 10: A Reflection

It's a little bit hard for me to explain just what Humanities has been like so far. I really enjoy the fact that it is a challenging class. Nothing is easy, and I like that. I don't want to coast through high school without any challenges. I want my marks to be earned, meaning I want to actually work for them, and that's what this class is all about.

I feel that I have many strengths in this class, but also a few weaknesses. In this class, I am able to use my love of writing. I actually have to think in this class, which is fantastic, because I have a mind that needs to be used, and challenged. I am able to work independently, but also in a group, which is a new experience, but something I feel will help me to develop as a student. So far, it has proven to be a strength, since I have been able to lead, but also to follow, which will help me later in life. Along with these strengths come weaknesses. I have to be creative, which is something I still struggle with. I have to find new, innovative ways to express myself, which is proving to be a challenge, but something that I will work on. I have had to follow, which is something I'm still learning to do. I'm used to taking charge, but I'm learning to follow directions from others, which is something that will benefit me now, and later on. This class is going to help me in so many ways. I can see the improvements already!

I'm supposed to talk about my successes and concerns, but all I can think of at the moment are the successes. This blog is a success. It's my new creative outlet, and I think I love it! My writing is a success, but then again, it always has been. I think that the class as a whole has been a success, including the group work, and all the assignments. It combines many different ways to learn about ourselves and the world around us, and it's really amazing. This class has changed how I view the world around me, and has helped me to see how the choices of those around me, even those I do not know, change me and my life.

In one sentence, Humanities is a challenging course that will help me now, and in the future, as well as a course that will change my outlook on life and the world around me.

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