Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I interviewed 2 immigrants....and here`s the results

So, I have to say....this was one of my favourite assignments. I learned things about my grandmother I didn't know before, and I got to know a friend a little bit better. Abby is from the Philippines, but spent 10 years in Hong Kong before coming to Canada in 2007, and my grandmother came from England in 1970. 
In talking to these two women that I admire, I learned a little bit about myself as well. Anyways, onto the report!

One of the most interesting questions I had the opportunity to ask was, "What word or phrase summarizes your perception of Canada? Explain." My grandmother said, "Freedom to Choose". She said she chose that because in Canada, life's what you, individually, make it. Your decisions define you more than what you are forced to do. Everything is up to you. Abby, my friend, said, "Beautiful!" She thinks Canada is the prettiest place ever, and I think part of that might be because she loves the snow. She also comes from a fairly impoverished country, so I can understand her finding Canada beautiful.

The other really interesting question I asked was, "How have your travels affected your view of Canada and the Canadian Identity?" Abby said no, because the identities of the places she's been are so very different from that of Canada. My grandmother said that Canada is very friendly. Everyone here is very approachable and accepting, and that everyone has the opportunity to find a home here. She says that there is very little bigotry here, and I have to agree. It goes along with being accepting. In my experience, there is very little prejudice here.

All in all, it was a very interesting assignment, and I learned a lot about what immigrants think about Canada. It was really neat to talk to these women about their opinions on their new (or not so new) home country.

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  1. Thoughtful corrrelation of interview subject responses to the concept of tolerance/acceptance.