Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Second Diplomatic Posting: Let's Look Back

It's a little bit crazy to think that Grade 10 is halfway over. With the end of the semester came a new Humanities teacher, and the end of the Second Diplomatic Posting.
I enjoyed this unit. It seemed to go really well. All of the assignments were interesting and intriguing. They were challenging, which is good. I was able to write an essay. I love essays!!
In this posting, we read To Kill A Mockingbird. I'd heard bad things about the book, but I wanted to form my own opinion. While I didn't really enjoy the book, it did have a lot to offer, meaning the themes. These included social inequality, racism, prejudice, courage, bravery, and many other important aspects. While I personally don't enjoy the book, it did teach me some valuable life lessons. Those lessons could help others as well, and it was interesting to analyze the text.
One thing I definitely want to do more of is write essays. I love to think critically and analytically, which is quite different than most people. I enjoy delving deeper into a topic. That's probably why I'm looking into the literary field for after high school.
I want to work on taking more time to work on assignments. I did feel like I rushed too much in this semester, but I will work on it. That will change.
Overall, it was a very good posting, in my eyes. I enjoyed it, and I hope that Humanities keeps getting better.

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