Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Canadian Song Analysis: Canada's Really Big-The Arrogant Worms

When I look around me,
I can't believe what I see.
It seems as if this country
Has lost it's will to live.
The economy is lousy,
We barely have an army,
But we can still stand proudly
'Cause Canada's really big!

We're the second largest country
On this planet Earth,
And if Russia
Keeps on shrinking,
Then soon we'll be first...
(as long as we keep Quebec).

The USA has tanks,
And Switzerland has banks.
They can keep them, thanks.
They just don't amount,
'Cause when you get down to it
You find out what the truth is.
It isn't what you do with it,
It's the size that counts!

Most people
Will tell you
That France is pretty large,
But you can put
Fourteen Frances
Into this land of ours...
(it'd take a lotta work, it'd take a whole lotta work).

We're larger than Malaysia,
Almost as big as Asia.
We're bigger than Australia,
And it's a continent!
So big we seldom bother
To go see one another,
But we often go to other
Countries for vacation.

Our mountains
Are very pointy.
Our prairies are not.
The rest is
Kinda bumpy,
But, man, do we have a lot.
(we gotta lot of land, we gotta whole lot of land).

So stand up and be proud,
And sing out very loud,
We stand out from the crowd  'cause
Canada's really big!

So, obviously, the main message of this song is that, "Canada's really big!" It's true. Like the song states, Canada is the second largest country in the world, and it's bigger than Australia, which is a continent. I think that's pretty crazy. 
The song states that we should be proud of our country, and I think that means that we need to be patriotic. Everybody thinks that the grass is greener on the other side, you know? I. personally, think we've got it pretty good here. We have lots. Many countries don't have even have half of what we have here. We have a lot of space. We're not overcrowded, like many Asian countries. The weather here really isn't all that bad. We have yet to experience a natural disaster that reaches the magnitudes like that of Haiti, Chile, or Thailand. Our lives are happy, for the most part. 
One of the videos of this song mentioned that the Arrogant Worms were asked to sing "O Canada" at an athletic event of some kind, and they felt that they needed to sing something different, something that stated (kind of) what Canada represented to them. I think it did a pretty good job. It is a pretty patriotic song, and let's face it, after repeating "O Canada" every day in elementary school, and then at every school event later on, it can get kind of repetitive. I'm not saying I dislike "O Canada". I'm saying that songs like these allow for a change. It doesn't always have to be the national anthem. 
This song is great, and it does explain Canada pretty well. I'm pretty sure if I was supposed to describe Canada for a young child who had never been here, I'd sing this song. It just fits. 

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  1. Interesting, though rambling discussion of the song's main points about Canada's identity. For future analytical writing, make sure to identify the poetic devices in use and examine the reasons for their effectiveness (which you've sort of done here, without identifying them).