Monday, November 22, 2010

Literary Devices Found In Fiddler on the Roof

Literary Devices Found In Fiddler on the Roof
Literary Device
Where Found
-the Fiddler represents each person in Anatevka. They are trying to stay balanced, like a fiddler, using tradition.
-the pots represent the life that the family will be leaving behind.
-pg. 2(Act 1: Prologue)
-pg.152(Act 2: Scene 8)
-pogrom is alluded to when the constable has a brief conversation with Tevye
-the eviction of the Jewish community in Rajanka is alluded to by Avram
-pg. 53(Act 1: Scene 5)
-pg. 25(Act 1: Scene 2)
 -the Fiddler-also a metaphor. He is compared to every person in the village of Anatevka.
- Hodel and Perchik dance at the wedding. It is a metaphor for what could be called courtship or dating.
-pg. 2(Act 1: Prologue)
-pg. 98-99(Act 1: Scene 10)
-when Tzeitel is compared to Fruma-Sarah.
-when Motel is compared to King Solomon in one of the Tradition reprises.
-pg. 60-61(Act 1: Scene 6)
-pg. 67(Act 1: Scene 6)
-Tevye is an allegory. He represents the common man.
-Tevye’s bible references, specifically when he talks about the chicken.
-entire play
-pg. 31(Act 1: Scene 2)
-Tevye’s horse is given human traits. Tevye says his horse becomes lame and loses his shoe deliberately so that he can rest.
-Anatevka. In the song, Anatevka is given the characteristics of being underfed, overworked, and obstinate.
-pg. 20(Act 1: Scene 2)
-pg. 144( Act 2: Scene 7)
-the nightmare. Fruma-Sarah’s anger provides great imagery. You can see her sneaking in by night to choke Tzeitel.
-“Miracle of Miracles”-you can see the wall falling down in Jericho and the Red Sea parting
-pg. 80-81( Act 1: Scene 7)
-pg. 70( Act 1: Scene 6)
-the eviction of the Jewish communities in many Ukrainian towns and villages
-the conversation between Tevye and the Constable
-pg. 25(Act 1: Scene 2)
-pg. 51-54( Act 1: Scene 5)


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  1. i agree with you. the literally devices are powerful in this movie.